Keep clean kit

Help vulnerable families to keep clean and safe with the Keep clean kit charity gift. You can provide a family with soap, washing powder and five reusable, locally-made facemasks, along with instructions for proper washing – a small way to help families keep peace of mind during unstable times.

Why buy this Keep clean kit gift?

  • The coronavirus pandemic has really highlighted the importance of keeping clean to stay healthy. No matter where we are in the world, we all deserve access to the basic items that keep us clean and safe. 
  • Most of us know that cleaning our hands and wearing a facemask brings peace of mind. By giving this charity gift to a loved one, you can share that feeling of safety with a vulnerable family overseas.
  • Access to these simple items gives a vulnerable family a chance at normality, allowing someone to go back to work or school, or even shop for food safely.

Case study: Keeping clean and safe in Bangladesh

“It was an honour for me to distribute money to the most vulnerable people affected by the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. It is a critical time as people have no income due to COVID-19.” Jamal Hosen, Caritas Bangladesh Project Officer 

Jamal is a local expert in Bangladesh. CAFOD has worked alongside Jamal to distribute essential items to some of the most vulnerable families in his local area – families whose incomes have disappeared as they cannot go out to work, people who are left without basic necessities. 

Many of the families Jamal has helped are trying to support other even more vulnerable family members – those who are elderly or disabled, or pregnant women and mothers with new-born babies. Without community support, these people will not survive the pandemic.

But thanks to gifts like this and the incredible hard work of local experts like Jamal, lives are being saved. Those who are most in need have soap to wash their hands with, facemasks to wear so they can safely leave the house to earn money or buy food, as well as washing powder to keep their masks clean, so they can be used again and again.

“The suffering of vulnerable people due to coronavirus in this area is beyond words. Day to day, the need is going up, and help is needed for more families.” 

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