Case study: Helping children overcome the trauma of war

"Education is an act of love, it keeps the flame of hope burning." Samar, Project Co-ordinator in Jordan

Amar and her children fled Syria with just the clothes on their backs. Now they live in a tiny apartment in Amman, Jordan. Her children are scared of the sound of airplanes, a terrifying reminder of the rockets that destroyed their home in Damascus.

More than half the 600,000 Syrian refugees registered in Jordan are children. Instead of attending school, many have witnessed years of violence, war and displacement. CAFOD's project provides refugee children with access to the education they so desperately need.

This gift will enable refugees to attend catch up classes, allowing them the opportunity to be children again and rebuild their lives. After missing so much school, Amar enrolled her three children, Dania, Omar and Rama, in classes as soon as she could. "The children came home telling me everything they learned in school," she says. "I was so happy because my children were happy. Learning is light."

Help a refugee child

Give much-needed emotional and educational support to children who have fled the violent trauma of war. This charity gift will help the most vulnerable refugees to come to terms with what they've experienced, make friends and build a brighter future.

Why buy this Help a refugee child gift?

  • This vital gift for young people is a wonderful way to support refugees, and makes meaningful present to mark a Confirmation or Baptism.
  • Give the life-changing gift of education by providing catch-up classes for refugee children
  • Help these vulnerable children come to terms with what they've experienced during war and make new friends

This includes the option to print a gift card at home.