Help a llama farmer

This is an a-llama-ingly good charity gift! Help a farmer grow enough food to feed a llama all year round. Llamas are three gifts in one – providing farming families wool for clothing, manure for boosting crops and an important safety net in times of need.

Why buy this Help a llama farmer gift?

  • Giving a llama farmer seeds and training means that they can feed their animals all year round – even on just small plots of land.
  • Llamas help farmers. They crop plants when grazing, instead of pulling them up like sheep. They also provide manure that helps to increase harvests.
  • No drama with this llama! Llamas act like a savings account for remote farming families. Looking after llamas well increases their value – they can be sold to provide money in a crisis.

Case study: Helping rural communities in Bolivia

“I'm very proud of everything we're growing here.” Victor, Bolivia

Farming is very difficult in rural Bolivia. A lack of water and poor soil on small plots of land means farmers struggle to grow enough food for their families and animals. Victor and other farmers in his community face these very challenges. They find it difficult to support their families. But life for Victor and other farmers in his community has changed dramatically – all thanks to some super seeds and a special, woolly friend!

CAFOD supported Victor with a training course and alfalfa seeds to help him grow animal feed. He also learnt how to dry out and store food for his llama and other animals. Farming families like Victor’s can use llama wool to make clothes and llama manure to boost crops. The llama can also be sold to provide extra money quickly if the farmer’s harvest fails.

Victor now passes on seeds and knowledge to other farmers in his village. He can now feed his family and all their animals with what they grow on their land. Victor is proud of his llama.

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