Gift of play

Having a creative outlet for their energy can be vital to keep children feeling safe, even in the midst of armed conflict. This charity gift can pay for music, art and dance classes providing children with a place to relax, make friends, learn something new and have fun!

Why buy this Gift of play?

  • This charity gift is ideal for a teacher, or to celebrate a special someone's sense of fun! 
  • Provide children living in areas affected by violence with an understanding of their rights and avenues towards peace. 
  • Music, dance and art classes are the ideal space for children to channel their creative energy and make friends. 

    Case study: Opening possibilities through art

    “Art helps children to express all their feelings and problems as they draw. They are the masters of their own artwork. Painting allows people to be free, not to be judged.” Jenny, social worker in Colombia. 

    Jenny  works in the Colombian Amazon with a local diocese that CAFOD supports. She teaches children about peace and reconciliation, human rights and their responsibility to care for our Common Home through artistic activities like drawing and painting.

    With an armed conflict in Colombia lasting over 50 years, many families have lived through decades of violence. Many children are not aware of their rights, and as a result of limited access to education, often drop out of school and are recruited by illegal armed groups. If they manage to avoid joining the armed conflict, they often still leave school early in order to work – for many, it seems like the only choice.

    Jenny uses art as a way of bringing children together so they can express themselves in a safe way. Many of them dream of peace and Jenny hopes that through small actions, and having a space where children can come together to learn and create, one day peace will be a reality. As Jenny explains: “Art allows children to work together, relate to one another and share with one another.”

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