Case study: Emergency food for those with nothing

"People arrive every day. They need everything. They are really happy to receive the food. There are a lot of smiles." Evelina Manola, Caritas Greece

Evelina is part of CAFOD's crisis response team in Greece, providing food, water and emergency supplies to hundreds of refugees as they arrive on beaches in overcrowded boats. After risking their lives to cross the Mediterranean, refugees can arrive exhausted, frightened and with nothing.

This gift, which funds emergency food packages, can provide hope as well as desperately needed food for a whole family. Evelina is sure that this welcome makes a difference "What we're doing is a help. It might just be a drop in the ocean, but the ocean is made up of lots of drops."

Food for a family

Your gift can provide emergency food packages to a refugee family in desperate need.

Why buy this Food for a family gift?

  • Refugees are arriving in new countries with nothing, in desperate need of support.
  • This gift can provide practical support and hope to traumatised families who have fled their homes in search of safety.

This gift includes an email version of the gift card.

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