Fantastic fish

This charity gift of fast-growing and easy-to-farm fish will net a vulnerable family a long-term source of nutritious food and help them to scale up their business. This gift can provide 500 fish, as well as the tools and training needed to build a pond and maintain a fish farm.

Why buy this Fantastic fish gift?

  • You won’t have to go fishing for thank-yous with this quirky and unusual charity gift – perfect for fish lovers everywhere!
  • There’s nothing fishy about fish – they provide a healthy, high-in-protein source of food for entire families.
  • Starting off with 500 fish means there are more than enough to sell at market, bringing in money to spend on other necessities.

Case study: How fish are helping Florence

“I can send my children to school now, and I can feed all my family.” Florence, Zambia

Florence is a single mother living in northern Zambia. Following the death of her husband, Florence struggled to make a living. She had a small farm and worried about being able to feed her two children. Despite waking early each morning and working all day on her land, Florence was only growing just enough to survive – nothing more.

Thankfully, Florence began farming fish. She told us: “I was interested in fish farming because it’s a business that I knew would help me make a living. You can get fish to eat, but you can sell them too.”

CAFOD provided tools and training, as well as 500 fish, so Florence could build a successful, productive pond. Thanks to the your gifts, and Florence’s hard work, the fish have flourished. Florence can now sell fish at the local market, and with the money she earns she can send her children to school. Florence has also shared her training and knowledge with her neighbours, so they can farm fish too. Now, Florence’s whole community has the chance to build a better future.

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