Case Study: Football for peace in Brazil's favelas

"I am not sad anymore. Now I have a lot of friends and things are better." Andreia, 12, Brazil

Growing up in the shanty town of Peixinhos, North East Brazil, where violence, gangs and drugs are an everyday problem, 12-year old Andreia often used to stay at home for her own safety. But without other children to play with, she was very bored and frustrated. Thanks to a CAFOD-funded project, she has now joined a football team and has lots of friends to play with. As well as being a lot of fun, the project also teached children about their rights, citizenship and how to live harmoniously in their hometown. In 2014, the children organised two successful football tournaments with the aim of promoting a culture of peace within their community. Since starting to play football Andreia is a lot happier. This has helped her behaviour at school and her grades have improved too.

Fabulous football

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