Case study: New seeds for farmers living in poverty

"We all feel the negative impact of climate change resulting in dry spells, but I feel blessed that I was selected to become a lead farmer and to teach others." Juliet, Zimbabwe

Juliet lives in Zimbabwe and is a member of a group of farmers supported by CAFOD. As a lead farmer, she now helps to train people to adapt to climate change by growing drought resistant crops such as millet rather than maize.

Using new seeds and techniques, Juliet and her fellow farmers are now able to produce food for their families. They've also started selling surplus produce and exchanging crops with other farmers for vegetables, fruit or livestock.

Through the income generated, Juliet has been able to build a house and send her daughter to school. "I am thankful that I can send my daughter to school and she is about to complete secondary education", she said. "I am very proud of her."

Drought resistant crops

When crops fail due to drought, poor families in rural areas can go hungry. This charity gift provides essential training for a farmer, together with different strains of local crops which can survive for longer periods without water.

Why buy this Drought resistant crops gift?

  • Droughts and unpredictable rainfall are increasing due to climate change, meaning this gift can be a life-saver in times of crisis.
  • Using new seeds and techniques can help farmers provide for their families as crops such as millet are more resilient.
  • Providing practical help to those directly affected by climate change makes this the perfect green gift for an eco warrior, or anyone who cares about our environment.

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