Case study: Eliza's chicken farm

"Although there are difficulties in life, we must trust in God and the people who love us, and also believe in ourselves." Eliza, El Salvador.

Poor harvests in recent years mean that many families in El Salvador rely on breeding chickens for their livelihood. Chickens and their eggs provide much-needed protein and are also easy to sell at market, providing families with a stable source of income.

Thanks to a gift like this Eliza and her family received two chickens, along with the equipment to build a coop and the training needed to care for and breed the chickens. As with rearing any livestock, it is vital that chickens are kept safe from illness and the vaccinations can help protect them against measles, cholera and other diseases.

With a growing business, the family have enough food to eat and money to put aside for emergencies. Eliza is 18 years old, and enjoys looking after the chickens when she isn't studying. She recently won a prestigious scholarship to the National School of Agriculture, moving one step closer to her dream of becoming an agricultural engineer.

Chicken breeding farm

In addition to chickens, this gift includes the equipment and food needed to rear them, the training on how to look after them properly and the vaccinations to keep chickens healthy for longer- everything a family needs to develop a sustainable business.

Why buy this chicken farm gift?

  • Chickens are a great alternative for farmers who can't rely on crops and don't take up much space.
  • Easy to look after, chickens produce nutritious eggs daily, which can be eaten or sold.
  • Chickens also breed well, meaning that a family's flock can quickly grow.

This gift includes an email version of the gift card.

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