Case study: Pigeons against poverty

"Pigeon rearing is a way to reduce poverty. I enjoy rearing pigeons." Bikash, Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, Bikash has worked hard to create a sustainable pigeon breeding business. Thanks to the support of a local community group, supported by CAFOD, Bikash has constructed a bird house for 26 pairs of breeding pigeons.

Living in an area that is prone to flooding, pigeons are the ideal bird to raise because they live on the roofs of people's houses. Should a family's home flood, pigeons can both float and fly over the floods, returning to their owner when the storm settles.

Bikash hopes to earn a substantial income for his family of around £30 to £40 a month from his business. His dream is for his two sons to receive a full education.

Brilliant birds

This charity gift of breeding pigeons makes for a brilliant, sustainable business. Easy to keep and fetching a plump profit at market, pigeons also float during floods, so are perfect for people living in areas affected by climate change.

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  • Pigeons live in cages on the roofs of houses, so are perfect for families without a lot of land.
  • They are easy to keep, cheap to feed and can fetch a plump profit at market for a poor family.

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