Case study: The difference between poverty and opportunity

"Finally my son can be counted as a person and can enrol in school!" Aleck's mother, Zimbabwe

Aleck is one of thousands of children in Zimbabwe to be born at home.  Neither Aleck nor his five siblings had birth certificates. Without this important piece of paper, Aleck would face a lifetime of problems when trying to register for school, exams or even find a job.

If not done at birth, acquiring a birth certificate requires lots of travel, paperwork and crucially money, most of which are out of the reach of people living in poverty.

With CAFOD's support, Aleck and his mother were able to get the legal documents necessary for Aleck to finally get a birth certificate. Often taken for granted by people in developed countries, Aleck's new birth certificate is his passport to a life of opportunity and prosperity.

Birth certificate

In developing countries, births can often go unregistered. Much more than a simple piece of paper, this charity gift of a birth certificate can help babies and children to fulfill their potential.

Why buy this Birth certificate gift?

  • A gorgeous gift for a new baby, a Baptism or a special birthday, a birth certificate can be a child's passport to the life they deserve.
  • This simple piece of paper can make the difference between poverty and opportunity for babies born at home.
  • Even getting a birth certificate years later can make a huge difference. Children often need them to attend school and take exams.

      This includes the option to print a gift card at home.