Case study: Beekeeping in Bangladesh

"I do believe that one day I will be a successful bee cultivator." Anil, Bangladesh.

When his father died, Anil became responsible for caring for his family. After falling ill himself he struggled to earn enough money to make ends meet. Then Anil learned about a CAFOD-funded project to teach people how to become beekeepers, and he has never looked back.

The project provided Anil with two hives and the training necessary to care for his bees and collect the honey. With a lot of hard work his business grew, and he was able to buy three new hives. Now he collects and sells nearly 10kg of honey a week, and hopes to one day earn enough money to start a large honey farm.

Anil's hard work and knowledge has also made him something of an expert in his local community, who turn to him for help with their own hives. He also encourages farmers to plant more flowering crops, providing more pollen for the bees and better harvests for the farmers.

Begin a business

Beekeeping, vegetable selling, carpentry and farming – this amazing gift can give somebody in a developing country the opportunity to start their own small business, make it a success and lift themselves and their family out of poverty.

Why buy this Begin a business gift?

  • Beekeeping can help families move beyond subsistence farming- and their crops can improve thank to increased bee pollination!
  • Providing training and seeds for farmers helps them to diversify their crops, make them more resilient to climate change and ensure they produce enough food to sell.
  • Carpentry training and tools can help former child soldiers to craft a new life for themselves

This includes the option to print a gift card at home.