Case Study: Pigeons against poverty

"Pigeon rearing is a way to reduce poverty. I enjoy rearing pigeons." Bikash, Bangladesh.

In Bangladesh, Bikash has worked hard to create a sustainable pigeon breeding business. Thanks to the support of a local community group, supported by CAFOD, Bikash has constructed a bird house for 26 pairs of breeding pigeons. Bikash hopes to earn a substantial income for his family of around £30 to £40 a month from his business. His dream is for his two sons to receive a full education.

A perfect pair of pigeons

A pair of breeding pigeons is a simple gift that can help a family earn a living. So go on, help a family take flight!

Why buy this pigeons gift?

  • Pigeons don't take up a lot of room, so are perfect for families without a lot of land
  • They are easy to keep and cheap to feed
  • Pigeons can fetch a plump profit at market for a poor family

This gift includes a posted gift card.