Help and FAQs


Q. What are World Gifts?

A. World Gifts are a range of life-changing charity gifts that really act as two presents in one. When you buy a World Gift, you will receive a beautifully illustrated card to give to your friend or loved one, which explains how their gift can help people fighting poverty in developing countries. In the meantime, the money you have spent will go to pay for important aid and development work, helping some of the poorest people around the world.

Q. What do I receive if I buy a World Gift?

A. You will receive a beautifully illustrated gift card with room for a personal message, along with an envelope. The gift card also explains how the gift you have bought will transform lives. 

This year, we have incorporated the information from the certificate into the gift card itself, in order to cut down on waste and make the gift card more like a traditional Christmas card. There is still space to personalise your card before you pass it on to your loved one.

If you buy our Meal for someone in poverty, or Immunise a child gift stickers you will receive a sheet of stickers rather than a gift card. Each of these stickers represents either a a meal for a hungry child or a life-saving immunisation.

World Gift Fun sheets make perfect gifts for primary school aged children and are available for free with any World Gift purchase. The fun sheet uses stories, quizzes, and games to help a child learn in a fun way about World Gifts, nature and other children around the world. Order a fun sheet from 1 September to 31 December and you'll receive our special Christmas fun sheet.

We also sell colouring pencils (£3), a Fairtrade tote bag (£4.50), Divine chocolate coins (£2.50), the Divine Advent calendar (£4) and we have a wooden, hand-painted Romero Cross (£4.25) and Nativity triptych (£10) which are both produced by our partners in El Salvador. These items are ethically sourced and proceeds from their sale go towards CAFOD's work, wherever these funds are most needed.

Q. Are the gifts real?

A. World Gifts are real examples of CAFOD’s work, but the gifts are also representative of much, much more than just the specific item you are buying.

Each World Gift belongs to one of five funds we have created, each covering different types of work: Education and Skills Training; Livestock, Agriculture and Livelihoods; Water; Health and Care; and Emergency, Conflict and Rehabilitation.

For example, if you buy or have received the gift of a school starter pack, the money from your gift will be spent on projects related to education and skills training. Each and every gift bought transforms the life of someone fighting against poverty. Read more about these funds on the How it works page

Q: Can I choose a different card design for each of my gifts? 

Unfortunately, at the moment you need to place separate orders if you want gifts to have different card covers.

We currently have three card designs available: ‘A special gift for you’, ‘Blessings’ and a ‘Congratulations’ card.

Simply choose your World Gifts, then on the basket page you will see instructions for how to choose your card design. Just add your chosen card to your basket, and all gifts in that order will be sent to you with your chosen design.

Please note: Our ‘Special Gift’ card is the standard card applied to an order, and will be used if you do not place an alternative card design in your basket. Because of this, the Special Gift card will not appear in your basket or on your order statement.

Q. Why don't I need to log in to the website?

You no longer need to log into our website to place a World Gifts order. We will email you with confirmation of your purchase and your payment details are still completely secure, but you simply no longer need to remember a password in order to use the website.

If you would like details of your past purchases, or those made on behalf of an organisation, please call us on 0808 14 000 14.

Q. Should I select remember my details at checkout?

If you are using a private computer, you can choose to have the World Gifts website remember your address details for the next time you would like to make a purchase. However, if you are using a public computer, we do not recommend storing your address details in this way.

Our secure payment system will not remember your card details in any case.

Q. How can I order a paper catalogue?

A. Order a free, printed Christmas catalogue here

Alternatively you can order a Christmas catalogue for free by calling 0808 14 000 14.

Q. How can I order an e-gift?

A. We offer all of our 36 virtual gifts as an card to be emailed directly to your recipient. Choose the ecard option when ordering (this option is only available online).

Please note that Adobe Flash is required to view ecards. Users with iPads will not be able to view them.

Please note that items such as our sticker sheets, fun sheets, tote bag etc cannot be "e-gifted" as we need to send you these items in the post.

If you need your gifts immediately, you can also download a gift card and print this at home. The perfect option for those in a hurry! 

As soon as you complete your transaction you’ll get a link to a pdf of your certificate to download and print at home (Please note that Adobe Flash is required to view these cards). Please ensure you flip your paper/card on the short edge to ensure your card prints correctly.

Q. Does Gift Aid apply to World Gifts?

A. Yes! Gift Aid applies to all the World Gifts along with any top-up donations.

However, any purchases made for colouring pencils, tote bag and other finishing touches are not eligible for Gift Aid as these are considered payments received in return for goods or services. You will receive a Gift Aid prompt at checkout when buying these gifts online, but please be assured we will only process Gift Aid claims for any virtual gifts in your basket.

Q. Can I have my order fast-tracked?

A. For those last-minute present solutions, we offer a ‘Next Day’ delivery ‘signed for’ service (Monday – Friday), which costs £5. To take advantage of this service, call us on freephone 0808 14 000 14 by 2pm to find out more details and receive your order by Next Day delivery.

Alternatively, our other online options may be what you need. Choose an ecard to send your gift directly to the recipient by email, or download a card to print at home immediately.

Please note that the Post Office cannot guarantee delivery times during severe weather conditions and we cannot offer Next Day delivery on orders being delivered overseas.

Q. I haven't received my order - can you help?

A. If you think your order may have been lost in the post, please call our Customer Services team for free on 0808 14 000 14 providing your full name and address and if possible, the gifts ordered and details of when payment was taken from your account.

Q. Can you send the card directly to the final recipient on my behalf?

A. We dispatch all World Gifts directly to the person who orders them (unless you have ordered an ecard). You can then personalise the gift card before passing it on to your friend or loved one. 

If your order is urgent, you can choose our Next day delivery service and you can also have World Gifts delivered to an alternative address such as your workplace. 

Q. I live outside the UK. Can I buy World Gifts?

A. World Gifts can be purchased from anywhere in the world. You may find it more convenient to receive your gift cards by email, as we cannot guarantee delivery times for certificates sent overseas. We do not charge postage, but if you are ordering from outside the UK then we are always grateful for an additional top-up donation to cover this extra cost to CAFOD.

We are unfortunately unable to offer a ‘Next Day’ delivery service to our overseas supporters.

Unfortunately at the moment we are unable to take online orders paid for by credit cards registered in the United States. If you would like to pay with a card registered to a US address, please call us on: +44 20 7733 7900

Our offices are open Monday-Friday from 9:30am to 5:30pm GMT.

Q. I want to use World Gifts in my school. Can you help me?

A. We would be delighted if you can support World Gifts in your school. Please see for fundraising ideas and resources.

If you would like more catalogues to give out at your Nativity play or to give out with your school newsletter please order printed catalogues.

Q. I want to support World Gifts in my parish. Can you help me?

A. Thank you for your support! Please see for fundraising ideas and resources.

If you would like more catalogues to give out after Mass then please order printed catalogues.

Q. How can I use World Gifts for my wedding or birthday lists?

A. Please see the information on our website about how you can set up an online page to fundraise as part of your celebration

We have World Gift wedding favours that you can order in boxes of 50 if you would like to make a donation to CAFOD in lieu of buying traditional favours for your wedding guests.

Q. Is the Romero Cross available in a larger size?

A. Yes, the CAFOD shop also stocks a medium and large Romero Cross, together with the small cross that we have available through the World Gifts website.

If you would like to order more than ten of the small Romero Cross we advise you call 0808 14 000 14 (Monday to Friday, 9.30am - 5.30pm) to place your order or alternatively, place your order through the CAFOD shop.

Q. How much money do you spend on promoting World Gifts? Wouldn’t it be better spent on your charitable work?

A. World Gifts is a really important fundraising campaign for CAFOD and for every £1 we spend in promoting it, we raise approximately £4.22.

Our standard A5 catalogue costs less than 8p to print.

CAFOD strives to be to be good stewards of the money entrusted to us, keeping the overall costs of generating funds and governance (managing and administering the charity) to less than 13% – low in comparison to other aid agencies and charities.

Q. Are World Gifts printed items environmentally friendly?

A. All World Gifts materials are printed on paper that comes from sustainable sources.

Q. Why are your prices for some World Gifts different to other charities?

A. It is difficult for us to say how other charities come to price their virtual gifts and what is included in that cost. But CAFOD’s World Gifts are all priced from real examples in the field. Sometimes this cost includes additional resources like equipment or training and where possible, we have included this in the gift description.

World Gifts Terms and Conditions