Case study: Delivering safe water on wheels

“When I received the bike, I was very happy. I’ve never had a bike before.” Raphael, Uganda

Raphael is a local water pump mechanic who maintains bore holes and pumps in this remote rural region of Uganda so that the communities around him can access clean, safe water. Before he received a bike, Raphael would have to walk miles to access the water sources and to buy spare parts from the local town, making his work slow and exhausting.

Now he has a bike, Raphael can reach the remotest boreholes so he can make sure they work properly. Cycling into town to buy spare parts and delivering them to the repair sites is much faster too, which means he can help far more people access clean water.

Not only is he now more efficient in his work, meaning that he can earn more money, but he also uses his bike to help sick people get to hospital and takes his children to school too. With his extra earnings, he also buys food for families who are struggling.

“I am grateful to CAFOD for enabling me to do my work as a handpump mechanic by providing me with tools and a bicycle,” he says.

Water on wheels

A bike is the perfect way to get to some of the hardest-to-reach, rural areas. In fact, a bicycle is just the ticket when it comes to making sure families in the remotest communities have the help they need – including access to clean, safe water.

Why buy this Water on wheels gift?

  • Treat the keen cyclist in your life to this brilliant two-wheeled gift and show how pedal power can help to transform people’s lives around the world!
  • Help local experts to reach remote areas of their community to make sure everyone stays safe and has access to clean, life-saving water.
  • A bike can help local experts achieve far more with their time – allowing them to help more people by going further, faster.

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