Water for a family

This life-saving charity gift can provide families with a steady supply of clean, safe water for drinking and cooking. Using a water pump also means families can wash in clean water, keeping everyone safe from infection.

Why buy this Water for a family gift?

  • Raise a glass and celebrate a special occasion by giving this wonderfully watery gift to a loved one.
  • Help protect families from deadly water-borne diseases by sharing this unique charity gift with someone from your own family.
  • Having a supply of safe, clean water nearby means that children and vulnerable adults won’t be forced to walk for hours each day to fetch the water they need to live.

    Case study: Clean water for health and happiness

    “Water means a lot. It means life.” Fabiano, Uganda 

    Before they had a water supply, 14-year-old Fabiano was forced to walk for hours to gather water so his family could drink, cook and wash. In order to arrive at school on time, Fabiano had to walk five kilometres for water before sunrise – despite the dangers of traveling in the dark.

    Thankfully, CAFOD built a solar-powered water pump in Fabiano’s village. Now he and his family can access clean, safe water to drink, cook and wash with. Fabiano also no longer has to walk for hours in the dark. This means he feels refreshed and able to focus in school every day. When he is home, he can easily water his vegetables. There’s now plenty to eat and extras to sell. 

    Once the pump had been installed in Fabiano’s village, he said: “We had water available right near our homes. We were so jubilant about it and happy about it coming here. We knew life would change.” 

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