Case study: Bringing home the bacon

“My income has improved this year by selling piglets. We have some savings. Kouen Kay, Cambodia

Dos La and Kouen Kay live in rural Cambodia with their young son and daughter. Regular droughts have made it increasingly difficult for them to feed their family through farming as they used to. But with a little bit of help, they have developed new ways of making the most of their land. 

They received a loan and training from community experts, funded by CAFOD, which helped them to start raising pigs, chickens and growing vegetables. They now keep chickens and pigs on the small plot of land, which they sell for a profit, and they have just started work on their garden tooKouen Kay has also started to grow chillies, which she also plans to sell to raise extra money for her family. 

The pig that provides

From the tip of its snout to its curly tail, a pig provides a brilliant business for people living in poverty. With a supply of pigs to sell at market, this sustainable charity gift could help a family put food on their table for years to come.

Why buy this Pig that provides gift?

  • Help a poor family bring home the bacon with this unusual charity gift. Go the whole hog and buy a foodie this perfect pig!
  • Pigs can be fed on vegetable scraps and are an important food source for poor families
  • The income raised from breeding and selling pigs can help families send their children to school.

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