Super solar street light

Light up the lives of families living in refugee camps with this brilliant charity gift. Solar street lamps provide a clean, renewable source of light so everybody can safely walk about the camps at night, essential for fetching water or going to the toilet.

Why buy this Super solar street light gift?

  • Refugee camps can be dangerous at night – especially for women and children. These Super solar street lights allow everyone to walk around in safety after dark.
  • The perfect fundraising target for a group of eco-warriors. This eco-friendly charity gift keeps vulnerable families safe using clean, renewable energy!
  • Brighten up their futures. By installing clean energy street lights now, we are providing families with safe, eco-friendly and well-lit environments for years to come.

Case study: Shining lights in the darkest places

“I feel much safer since the light was installed.” Rasheda, Bangladesh

A few years ago, Rasheda’s home in Myanmar was destroyed. She was forced to flee the country with her husband and their six children. They have lived in a refugee camp in Bangladesh ever since.

We worked alongside local experts in the camp to provide emergency food, shelter and latrines. Recently, we helped to install more than 600 solar streetlights to make the camp safer for everyone. Rasheda’s family and neighbours can now continue to use latrines, collect water and even go outside to pray when the sun goes down – all without fear.

“My family can move around safely at night,” says Rasheda with a bright smile.

Now Rasheda’s family and neighbours feel safe at night – using the latrines, collecting water and even going outside to pray without fear after the sun has gone down.

“Now my family can move around safely at night,” she says with a smile.

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