Case study: Safe and bright lights in homes

    "Now we can see clearly and our children can do their homework at home" Nigiste Asefa, Ethiopia

    Nigiste and her family live in an area of northern Ethiopia with no electricity. As such, they are forced to rely on kerosene lamps or wood fires for light, both of which emit harmful smoke. "These were hard on our eyes and at times would suffocate us because of the fumes," she says.

    Nigiste was delighted to receive a solar lamp from CAFOD. She can now cook and clean her house free from choking fumes. She no longer has to spend money on expensive kerosene, or use precious time collecting firewood every day.

    The effects of this clean, sustainable energy source go further than simply improving Nigiste's day-to-day life. "Our children can do their homework at home," she says, giving the next generation the chance to learn and fulfil their potential.

    Solar lamp

    Shine a light into homes and give families a bright future with this charity gift. These lamps replace smoky, polluting fossil fuel lamps with clean, renewable energy, so children can do their homework at night.

    Why buy this Solar lamp gift?

    • The perfect green gift for an eco warrior, these lamps help replace dirty, smoky, polluting fossil fuels with clean, renewable energy
    • The lamps allow children to do their homework at night, making this an ideal end of term gift for a teacher- or pupil!
    • They keep homes free from choking fumes and save families time collecting firewood or money buying expensive kerosene.

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