Case study: Help Garmah keep her home

“I feel safe, my children have a place to rest their head and I can make a garden to feed them and myself.” Garmah, Liberia

When Garmah’s husband died, she and her four children faced the threat of eviction and homelessness because, as a woman, she had no legal rights to her marital home. Sadly, Garmah’s struggle is not that unusual. She is one of many women around the world who struggle to keep their homes from being reclaimed if they are widowed. Some women even face eviction by their late husband’s family.

Our local experts worked with Garmah and proved she had a right to the property she had shared with her husband and children. Now she and her children are living happily together in their family home – without the threat of eviction hanging over them.

Thanks to gifts like this, Garmah and hundreds of widows like her have been able to remain in their homes at a time in their lives when they are struggling.

“God sent redeemers to fight for my land rights,” she says. “I am overfilled with joy.”

Home for life

This empowering charity gift provides vulnerable women and children with a home for life – offering the security of a house to live in and land to farm. This gift of legal support helps women stand up for their rights, stopping widows from losing their homes.

Why buy this  Home for life gift?

  • Stand up for the rights of some of the world’s most vulnerable women and children through this empowering charity gift!
  • Help widowed women and their children stay safely in their homes and on their own land.
  • This charity gift will pay the legal fees for widows fighting for their future land rights.

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