Helping hand for older people

This life-changing charity gift offers a helping hand to older people who have experienced high levels of violence and ongoing stress throughout their lives – providing emotional support, counselling and access to activities, such as art therapy.

Being involved with supportive community groups helps older people who have suffered extreme stress and street violence to rediscover their self-worth. By contributing to their local community and taking part in fun activities, older people can improve their own well-being and feelings of isolation and loneliness can be prevented.

Why buy this Helping hand for older people gift?

  • Celebrate a much-loved Granny or Grandad by giving this thoughtful charity gift.
  • Help vulnerable older people to feel less isolated. Bring companionship and joyful moments into their lives.
  • You’re never too old to make new friends. Extend the hand of friendship to older people. Give them the chance to get involved in art-and-craft activities and days out – to build friendships, gain self-confidence and learn new skills!

Case study: Helping Margarita heal

“We meet, we discuss, we laugh, we chat – sometimes we dance. You forget all that you were feeling. It helps you.” Margarita, El Salvador

Margarita lives in a gang-ridden area of San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador. A few years ago Margarita’s son was killed. He was caught in the crossfire of an intense gun battle. In the months following his murder, Margarita struggled to come to terms with her grief. She could not imagine a future without her son.

Local experts, supported by CAFOD, reached out to Margarita. They knew she had become isolated and withdrawn from her community. With their help Margarita was able to start talking about her grief and the everyday struggles she was facing. She soon became an active member of her community again and took the opportunity to participate in different groups.

All this socialising is helping Margarita to heal. She regularly takes part in activities funded by CAFOD. She sees them as part of an ongoing journey towards her recovery and emotional wellbeing. She told us, smiling: “The workshops they run have really helped me to keep going.”

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