Case study: A safe place to have fun

"It's fun here because it's peaceful but there are some things that aren't so peaceful in the community." Diego, El Salvador

Diego lives in a neighbourhood plagued with gang violence. "Sometimes there are shootouts and you can't go out. You can't be in the street at night time because it's dangerous." With few opportunities to meet friends and play safely, it can be difficult for youngsters like Diego to stay out of the grips of gangs.

Thankfully, Diego has resisted temptation after discovering a love for drumming at a youth project run by our partner, the Sisters of St Clare. With CAFOD's support, children like Diego are given a safe place to meet friends, play music, dance and join in other creative workshops.

Through this gift young people can discover new talents and improve their confidence and well-being. Diego is flourishing at the project. "I feel happy and energetic. I really like it because I feel happy when I'm playing the drums"

Gift of play

Having a creative outlet for their energy can be vital to stop children falling into the clutches of violent gangs. This charity gift can pay for music and dance classes providing children with a safe place to relax, make friends, learn something new and have fun!

Why buy this Gift of play?

  • The ideal gift for a teacher, a special birthday present or simply a gift to celebrate someone's sense of fun!
  • Provide children living in neighbourhoods plagued with violence a safe place to play
  • Music and dance classes are the ideal space for children to channel their creative energy and make friends.

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