Case study: Empowering young women

“When my father realised that we have good income from selling milk he became very happy, saying I have truly proven that women can work outside the home and contribute to their family’s finances.” Nafas Gul, Afghanistan

Nafas Gul, 25, and her family live in rural northern Afghanistan. Her family expected her to stay at home to cook and clean, rather than earning money. They used milk from their cow to make dried yogurt, which gave them a meagre income.

Nafas Gul was given the opportunity to join a CAFOD-funded women’s group. A group of ten women work together to make healthy yogurt using milk bought from all the members’ cows. They then sell the yogurt to local villagers in clean containers for a higher price and divide the income between them.

Now Nafas Gul earns more than double what her family used to make from selling dried yogurt. She has enough money to feed her cow and pay for her brother’s school fees. And she has also been able to save some funds – something she would never have dreamed of before. 

Since joining the group, Nafas Gul has been able to go outside her home and meet with other women more often – becoming a role model for young women in her village.

“I have proven the ability of a woman to help her family financially,” she says. “Thank you for enabling women to be self-sufficient.”

Change a woman's world

Young women around the world often face discrimination within their own homes – in some countries they are not allowed to work. Self-help groups are a way of empowering these women to help themselves – supporting them to set up businesses, earning money and contributing to their families.

Why buy this Change a woman’s world gift?

  • Celebrate girl power! Support women around the world as we all aim for equality between men and women.
  • By empowering both men and women to earn an income, entire families will have a better quality of life.
  • Extra family income can help to pay for education – opening up more opportunities for disadvantaged women and their children.

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