Birth certificate

When babies are born at home in poor, rural areas, it is too difficult to travel to register the birth. But a child without a birth certificate faces many problems. For example, in Zimbabwe, children without a birth certificate cannot finish school, take exams, apply for an ID card, vote, or access other basic essential services.

This charity gift of a Birth certificate is possibly the most valuable item a child could receive.

Why buy this Birth certificate gift?

  • Without a birth certificate, new babies can face a lifetime of challenges - especially when it's time for them to go to school or get a job.
  • This loving charity gift can really make a difference for babies born at home in hard-to-reach-places. It simply gives them the same opportunities as other children.
  • A gorgeous present for a new baby, a Baptism or a special birthday. This compassionate gift can really open up a whole world of opportunity for a baby or child.

      Case study: Change a baby's life forever

      "I am very happy now because my children have important documents  which are going to be helpful in their lives" Chipo, Zimbabwe

      In some circumstances, getting a birth certificate in Zimbabwe requires lots of travel, paperwork and money – most of which are out of reach for those living in poverty. Without a birth certificate, a young person cannot apply for a job, access basic services, or even graduate from school.

      Chipo was a vulnerable young mother living in poverty. She struggled to provide for her three children. She had no birth certificate and therefore could not legally ask for the birth certificates of her own children. Lacking birth certificates, Chipo’s children were not allowed to attend school. Without an education, their futures looked bleak.

      Thankfully, CAFOD worked with village leaders and local experts to request birth certificates from the official registry. With the official stamp, the registry confirmed the application and began the process of issuing birth certificates for Chipo and her young family. Chipo and her three children all now have their own birth certificates and can look forward to their futures – they can finish school, apply for jobs and receive all the other basic services to keep them healthy and safe.


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