Case study: Change a baby's life forever

"Finally my son can be counted as a person and can enrol in school!" Aleck's mother, Zimbabwe

Getting a birth certificate in Zimbabwe requires lots of travel, paperwork and crucially money, most of which are out of the reach of people living in poverty. But without one, children can't go to school.

Aleck was one of thousands of babies in Zimbabwe born at home. He never received a birth certificate. Without this important piece of paper, Aleck could face a lifetime of problems when trying to register for school, exams or even find a job.

With CAFOD's support, Aleck and his mother were able to get the legal documents necessary for him to finally get a birth certificate. Even years after he was born, having a birth certificate will make an enormous difference for Aleck. "Finally my son can be counted as a person and can enrol in school!" his mother told us.

Aleck's new birth certificate is his passport to a life of opportunity and prosperity.

Birth certificate

When babies are born at home in poor, rural areas, it is too difficult to travel to register the birth. But a child without a birth certificate faces problems.

In Zimbabwe, for example, children without a birth certificate cannot go to school, take exams, apply for an ID card, vote, nor access many other basic essential services.

This charity gift of a Birth certificate is possibly the most valuable item a child could receive. 

Why buy this Birth certificate gift?

  • Without a Birth certificate, new babies can face a lifetime of challenges, especially when it's time for them to go to school.
  • This charity gift can really make a difference for babies born at home and give them the same opportunities as other children.
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