Case study: Safe havens in El Salvador

“I hope that one day the violence will stop and there will be more friendship between communities.” Gaspar, El Salvador  

Gaspar, 10, lives in a desperately poor and violent neighbourhood on the outskirts of San Salvador. Gang violence and shootings are commonplace. It’s too dangerous to go out in the evenings. The sound of gunfire reaches Gaspar as he tries to sleep at night.  

CAFOD is working through local family therapists to bring peace to children in the area by creating safe spaces in community centres. Here families can take part in counselling sessions and workshops together.  

In Gaspar’s area, they have recently renovated a community centre and basketball court, safe places for children like Gaspar to play and learn. The community centre is also a place where families can talk to psychologists, helping children to achieve their potential in a peaceful environment. "I think we are all equal. God doesn’t discriminate. I don’t think it makes a difference,” says Gaspar. 

A safe place to learn

Violence can have a devastating effect on families and children. This special charity gift funds counselling and skills workshops in a safe haven away from conflict and upheaval.

Why buy this Safe place to learn gift?

  • Gang warfare and other conflicts can have a terrible effect on children and they can sometimes be too scared to walk to school or play with friends.
  • The perfect group fundraising target for schools, this unique gift allows vulnerable children to learn and develop away from violence.
  • These arts, crafts and sports activities, provided in tandem with counselling, will truly create a safe place for children to learn in 2019.

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