Teach someone to read

Reading opens up so many doors: education, work, pleasure, self-improvement and more. This fabulous, life-changing charity gift can fund literacy classes for vulnerable people.

Why buy this Teach someone to read gift?

  • The perfect end-of-term present for teachers and children alike. Celebrate your favourite bookworm’s love of reading with this thoughtful charity gift.
  • Reading is a skill that stays with us for life. For children, it also provides a magical escape from their daily lives.
  • Read all about it! It’s proven that children who can read are far more likely to get better jobs when they are older.

    Case study: How reading helped Akilah feel at home

    “I am happy with myself and my children are proud of me. I am now more confident and more connected.” Akilah, Lebanon 

    Akilah, 42, was forced to flee her home in Syria in 2012 due to the war. When she first arrived in Lebanon with her four sons, she didn’t understand any English, and this quickly became a problem as that was the language her children were taught in at school.  

    Akilah soon signed up for CAFOD-funded English classes. She wanted to be able to support her sons with their schoolwork and to make friends. Living in a new place and unable to speak English and support her children’s education, when most people around her could, made a difficult situation even worse.  

    Now Akilah feels confident speaking and writing in English. She can help her sons with their schoolwork: “I feel confident enough to answer my children's questions about English.”  What’s more, she has made lots of friends in both the Syrian and Lebanese communities as they get on so well, that in additional to the classes, the women also meet up once a week to practice their English and choose stories to read and discuss. 

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