Case study: How reading has transformed Melissa's life

"I feel good about myself. When I look at where I have come from I really feel that my future is bright." Melissa, Democratic Republic of the Congo

As a little girl, Melissa lived on the streets of Mabanga in the Democratic Republic of the Congo where she had to beg to survive. When we met her, she told us that she had to drop out of school as she couldn’t pay the fees.

Without an education, young girls like Melissa face a bleak future, but learning costs and money is hard to come by when you live on the streets.

Melissa joined a CAFOD-funded school and learned to read and write. Having completed primary and secondary school she now encourages other young girls to go to school. She’s even spoken on local radio and TV shows about the challenge of educating homeless children.

Now 21, Melissa wants to go to university and hopes to be a lawyer or a journalist.

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