The net that protects

This simple charity gift is a real lifesaver! A specially treated mosquito net keeps families and babies safe from deadly diseases.

Why buy this Net that protects gift?

  • A lovely present for a baby’s baptism! This nifty net supports newborns around the world, throughout the year.
  • Help to protect babies and young children who are particularly vulnerable to malaria and other diseases spread by mosquitos.
  • War and natural disasters often force families to live in temporary shelters, increasing their risk to mosquito bites. This gift can protect vulnerable people during times of emergency.

    Case study: Keeping babies safe

     “Without receiving help, I don’t know how I would have started up again and supported my children.” Mariam, Sudan 

    Mariam and her five children live in Sudan. Heavy rainfall caused sudden flooding in her town. The water quickly approached her home. There was no time to rescue any of her belongings before fleeing. Mariam’s home, her treasured possessions and her livelihood were utterly destroyed.

    Mariam and her children fled to the home of relatives who lived on higher ground. They could not stay for long – there wasn’t enough room. Worse still, they did not have enough mosquito nets to protect them from malaria.

    Mariam and her family were among thousands left in urgent need following the floods. Thankfully, CAFOD worked with local experts to provide Mariam with life-saving nets to protect her and her children from malaria and other nasty diseases spread by mosquitos.

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