Energy saving stove

This gift can help provide someone with the training and materials they need to build an energy saving stove. These are good for people and good for the planet as they’re safer to use and burn far less firewood than open fire stoves. Once one person has been trained to build a stove from local materials, this knowledge can be passed onto others in their community!

Why buy this Energy saving stove gift?

  • Energy saving stoves are good for people and good for the planet as they’re safer to use and burn far less firewood than open fire stoves.
  • Help to keep families safe from harmful smoke and risk of fires by switching to an energy efficient stove.
  • This gift keeps on giving, as more people learn how to make the stoves from locally sourced materials, the more people they can teach!

Case study: Switching to energy saving stoves in South Sudan to keep people and the planet safe.

“Now, I use only few firewood to prepare meal for the family and has reduced my frequency for collecting firewood from the forest which is very risky. Also, my children are now safe.” Nyibol, South Sudan m

Before receiving access to energy efficient stoves, Nyibol. 24, and her community in South Sudan were forced to use open fire stoves which filled their homes with smoke, caused fires. They also used lots of firewood and charcoal which meant many nearby trees had to be cut down. 

A small group of people within the community were selected to be shown how to build their own stoves by CAFOD funded local experts using locally available materials. Since then, this group have been working hard to share that knowledge so that everyone around them can benefit from the energy saving stoves!  

Not only do these super stoves make cooking easier and safer, but they need far less firewood to power them, which is helping to prevent deforestation of the local area. Nyibol feels happy that her two children are no longer at risk from the flames of her previous stove and that she no longer has to spend hours collecting firewood in the forest, which is dangerous in its own right. The community are hoping to spread this knowledge wider, keeping other people safe from harmful smoke and risk of fires, as well as protecting the land around them. 

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