Emergency water

When disasters strike, this essential charity gift can save lives. Following an emergency, when families lose everything, drinking water is hard to find. With this fast-acting charity gift, you can make an enormous difference to a family in urgent need, providing vital water, to keep them healthy and safe.

Why buy this Emergency water gift?

  • Help us be there quickly in a crisis with this meaningful charity gift that can provide essential water for families in need.
  • This compassionate charity gift allows us to react quickly to emergencies through local experts who are already at work on the ground.
  • Access to clean water that is safe to drink, wash and cook with in the wake of an emergency is essential. 

Case study: Water in times of crisis

“Our local church aid workers are already reaching families with vital aid.” Jo, from CAFOD’s fundraising team

Access to clean water following a disaster has always been essential – to drink, wash and cook with. Now, when disasters strike on top of the coronavirus pandemic, emergency water support is even more crucial.

For example, the recent explosions in Beirut damaged over half the city. Thousands of people were left homeless and unable to access even basic necessities. But thanks to CAFOD’s work with local experts – who were already on the ground – we were able to instantly support those made vulnerable, by providing help where it was needed most and distributing life-saving bottled water.

CAFOD responds to hundreds of emergency situations around the world, many of which never even make the news. This often includes distributing water to vulnerable families. This charity gift can help us reach people as soon as disasters strike and emergency situations arise. This gift can save lives.

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