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Charity gifts of water

Clean safe water is in short supply in some of the world's poorest communities. World Gifts from our Water Fund directly provide developing communities with this life-saving essential. We'll raise a glass to that! Josefa and her eight young children live in a small village in Guatemala. Before there was a water supply in the village, Josefa and her children had to make four trips every day to collect water. Each trip took half an hour and carrying heavy containers of water was exhausting, especially for the children. When World Gifts installed a water supply in the village, life for the whole family changed. Josefa no longer needs to spend hours of every day collecting water or washing clothes far...

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The perfect gifts for every dad this Father’s Day

If you’re trying to think of something different for your father figure this Father’s Day, I can help you! I’ve recently been thinking about my dad becoming a father. He was the age I am now, and he had never held a baby before meeting me. He’s nonchalant about it now but I’m sure it was a life-changing moment for him (it must have been, I’m great). My dad has been a constant support for me throughout my life. He’s hilarious, always on the dance floor at any party, he gives great hugs and he’s always taken care of his family. So, what can I possibly get him for Father’s Day to show him how much I appreciate him?   ...

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