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You've made an amazing difference!

Thank you to everyone who bought a World Gift this Christmas - you've made an enormous difference to families in poverty.

With your help we can...

  • Give over 2,000 Goats to farming families to give them milk and manure!
  • Help 500 babies and children get a Birth certificate, meaning they can go to school.
  • Spend over £75,000 getting clean, safe water to communities, preventing disease.
  • Supply 505 Solar lamps to families - helping children to do their homework and breathe clean air
  • Provide over 200 Pigs to families who want to start a farming business and lift themselves out of poverty.

... make an incredible difference to families in need around the world. Thank you.

Thank you to everyone who bought a World Gift!It's not too late to buy a World Gift! If you've got Christmas money to spend, you've made a kindness resolution this year, or you've already fundraised for World Gifts, then choose your gift from our wonderful range of charity presents today.

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