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Your top ten World Gifts for Christmas 2020

World Gifts make great alternative gifts all year round, but we know you particularly love them for Christmas!

Here is a rundown of your favourites from the festive season in 2020*:

Fabulous football illustration

10. You worked as a team do score 1,004 Fabulous football gifts!


Emergency water illustration

9. You thought of those most in need at times of emergency and bought 1,443 Emergency water.


Trees for life illustration

8. The gift that keeps on giving, you chose 1,494 Trees for life.


Goat that gives

7. You've goat us smiling! You chose a huge 1,592 Goats that give! Goats provide milk to drink and sell, manure to help vegetables grow, and any baby goats can be sold on to others in the community

Water for a family

6. You sourced 1,707 Water for a family – having clean safe water easily accessible for a family is life-changing as well as life-saving!


Chirpy chickens5. You thought the Chirpy chickens gift was eggcellent. Paying for 1,807 chicken gifts – chickens lay eggs which can be eaten and sold at market for a profit.
Keep clean kit illustration

 4. Keeping each other safe from coronavirus by washing our hands has been a real focus of 2020. You stood in solidarity with those who cannot always access the basics to keep safe in this pandemic, buying 2,163 Keep clean kit gifts!

Vegetable garden illustration

3. Again, many of us have been spending more time in our gardens and even trying to grow our own food. For some, this is their main source of fresh food! Thankyou for supporting World Gifts with a vegtastic 2,349 Vegetable garden gifts.

Happy queen bee illustration

2. A longstanding favourite, you were buzzing for our Happy queen bee gift! You came together and bought 2,998 Happy queen bee gifts!


Teach someone to read

1. You’ve chosen the gift of reading 3,694 times with the Teach some one to read gift. Opening opportunities to those who would normally never have a chance to learn.

 Our more expensive World Gifts don't generally make the top ten, because it has to be a very special occasion, or a group effort to buy one! But we can reveal that the most popular gift from the higher price bracket was:

Community water supply

The Community water supply gift! Through your generosity we've raised over £42,000. This gift represents clean, safe water to drink, wash and cook with for entire communities!

You have raised over £850,000 just over Christmas meaning we can continue to reach those most in need with life-changing aid.

By thinking of World Gifts for other occasions – birthdays, Mother’s Day, Easter, Baptisms, Weddings (the list goes on) we can continue to raise money throughout the year.

The gifts are representative of our work and each go into five funds, so whether you bought a single queen bee or funding for an entire health clinic, your gifts are all helping to make a big difference to people living in poverty.

A big thank you from our World Gifts team here at CAFOD, without your generosity none of our work would be possible.

*Figures accurate as of 21/01/2021

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