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World Gifts- Religious Christmas Gift Ideas

We all know that Christmas is about appreciation and showing those around us that we love them. Sometimes it is a little difficult to find a gift that shows thoughtfulness as well as the true meaning of Christmas, but World Gifts is here to save the day! Here are our top 6 Catholic Christmas present ideas: 


1. A Christmas gift idea for mum: Healthy mum and baby

The birth of Jesus is why we celebrate Christmas. Mary gave birth in a stable, without any medical supplies or a doctor. Sadly, this is the reality for many mothers across the world, even today. This gift will be able to provide mothers with access to medical treatment and care to make sure their babies have the best start in life.



2. A Christmas gift idea for mum and dad: Emergency shelter

    When Mary and Joseph arrived in Bethlehem, they knocked on door after door to try and find a room for them to stay in. All the inn keepers turned them away, they were just too full. One inn keeper took pity on the pair and allowed them to rest in his stable where his animals were resting.

    This gift will provide shelter for people, some of whom may have been forced from their homes through war or a natural disaster, it will protect those who have lost everything.


    3. A Christmas gift idea for the animal lover: Marvellous moo cow

      Marvellous Moo CowThe cows and the other animals in the stable surrounded the new family when Jesus arrived. They provided warmth and a gentle understanding of new life. This gift will provide a family with a cow which will give them so much, from milk, to manure, to helping to plough land.


      4. An unusual Christmas gift idea: Birth Certificate

        Mary and Joseph had to travel to Bethlehem to be counted in a census. When Jesus was born, he too would have been part of this count and a part of that society. This gift will help children who are also born in rural areas but remain uncounted, leaving them unable to attend school, get a job or travel to another country.


        5. A perfect Christmas present idea: Nativity triptych

        Give someone a unique portrayal of the birth of Jesus with our Nativity triptych, hand-painted in El Salvador. This colourful ornament is so attractive they won’t want to put it away in January!


        Divine Advent Calendar

        6. Prepare for the celebration of the birth of Jesus: Advent Calendar

        Countdown to Christmas and the birth of baby Jesus with this Divine chocolate advent calendar. Behind each door is a delicious Fairtrade milk chocolate, the next step in the Advent story, and a Christmas greeting from a different country.

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