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World Gifts for father's Day (20th June!)

The pandemic has really made us appreciate those around us, and those we can't see. With the world slowly opening up we can hopefully mark special occasions, like Father's Day, in a big way this year!

Order by June 9 to guarantee your gifts arrive in the post on time. If you want to send an ecard, or print your card at home, you can even do that on the day (20 June, for all those who aren't sure!).

World Gifts, perfect for Father's Day.

I think it's safe to say that most of us are rather fed up of video calls and very much on board with the continuing lifting of restrictions! There's still quite a long way to go, and we know we need to be careful, but it looks like the future is getting brighter.

I still haven't managed to see my dad this year, he lives too far away to visit without staying overnight, and for various reasons he's had to be really careful who he comes into contact with. Whether or not you've managed to see your dad (or dad-figure in your life) I hope it isn't too long and that you might be able to see them on Father's Day, 20th June.

World Gifts has something for every type of dad and avoids wasting money on yet another pair of socks or a novelty mug. You can send it free delivery in the post, or by email. Best of all, each gift you buy helps to change the life of someone living in poverty.

Gifts for gardening dads

Top of my list, because my dad spends a lot of his free time on his allotment or busily trying to figure out what else he can make with an abundance of courgettes. From just £4 for a queen bee, there a whole range of gifts to choose from.

Gifts for animal loving dads

There's nothing quite like watching my father-in-law go all gooey over their cat, even when he insists he's not bothered. Ok, so we don't have pet-cats, but we do have a whole host of animal gifts!

Gifts for sporty dads

For the dad that is footie mad we have Fabulous football or for those who prefer more solo sports, we've got Water on wheels to buy a bike for a water pump mechanic.

Whatever your dad is into, I'm sure there is a World gift your Dad will love. Whether you get to hand him it in person, or send it via the post or email, World Gifts are proven to bring a smile.

Remember to place your order by 9 June to guarantee your gift arrives through the post in time. If you're planning to send an ecard or print at home you can do this on the day!



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