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Wonderful baby gifts for newborns and Baptisms

Give a unique charity gift to a baby born in 2019

We've got gorgeous presents, ideal for new babies, Baptisms and Christenings that will all help give the best start to babies born in poverty.

Perfect gift ideas whether you're a grandparent, godparent, aunt, uncle or friend!

Welcome a new baby

Choose a Congratulations card for a new baby giftCelebrate the birth of a baby by protecting other newborns with our life-saving gifts of The net that protects and Healthy mum and baby.

Choose a beautiful Congratulations gift card that describes how this present will keep other babies and mums safe and healthy.

Baptism gift ideas

Welcome a baby into our global Catholic family with these thoughtful gifts that make a lasting difference.

Include a Baptism blessings poster with your order that guests can fill in. The perfect keepsake for your baby!Trees for life plants five tree saplings overseas, meaning that this gift will continue to support a family year after year, as your baby grows.

Give a brighter future to a vulnerable youngster by choosing to Help a refugee child overcome the trauma of war and restart their education.

Include our lovely Baptism blessings poster with your order and invite guests to write messages of hope to your baby on their special day. A wonderful keepsake for your little one!

Twin a birth certificate

Twin your baby's bith certificate and give a brighter future to a baby born into povertyIf you are due to register your baby's birth, why not twin their Birth certificate with one in Zimbabwe?

Children born at home in rural Africa can have their births go unregistered, which can cause real problems for them growing up.

Twinning your baby's Birth certificate by choosing this gift can open up a lifetime of opportunity for another newborn.

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