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The perfect gifts for every dad this Father’s Day

If you’re trying to think of something different for your father figure this Father’s Day, I can help you!

I’ve recently been thinking about my dad becoming a father. He was the age I am now, and he had never held a baby before meeting me. He’s nonchalant about it now but I’m sure it was a life-changing moment for him (it must have been, I’m great).

My dad has been a constant support for me throughout my life. He’s hilarious, always on the dance floor at any party, he gives great hugs and he’s always taken care of his family. So, what can I possibly get him for Father’s Day to show him how much I appreciate him?

The author as a child running towards her father for a cuddle  The author, her father and her sister

Me and my Dad in the 90’s.                     Me and my Dad and sister now.


If your dad is a caring guy, like mine, (or you already got him socks at Christmas), it may be time to think about a charity gift.

And if you’ve left preparations to the last minute, you can send a personalised eCard straight to your Dad on Sunday 17 June. He’ll still feel appreciated and loved! 

Here are my favourites:


For the techy dad

If your dad has the latest smart watch, knows about electric cars and can use the TV remote without any help, he may be what I call a ‘techy tinkerer’. A Solar lamp brings light to places like Northern Ethiopia where there is no electricity. As a modern-day marvel, your dad may appreciate this gift especially because it means kids can do their homework.

This Father’s Day, your gift to your dad could be helping other children to read well into the night all by solar power.


Winston and Madison reading about the World Gift she bought her Dad for Father's Day

Winston and Madison reading about the World Gift she bought her Dad for Father's Day

For the sporty dad

Does your dad have the flags and the timetable for the Football world cup ready to go? Does he already have a subscription to all the sports channels? Well the gift of football is an ideal present for your dad this Father’s Day. This gift will buy kits and footballs to keep children playing sport and away from crime and gangs. 


For the business dad

If your dad is the next Alan Sugar (or Del Boy), who rocks a good suit, owns a briefcase and does a job that you can’t quite understand, this entrepreneurial gift, helping to Begin a business is perfect. Helping others set up their own business, from beekeeping to carpentry, this gift will help train and guide child soldiers to create a better life for themselves.


Richard and Enid on a day out together

Richard and Enid on a day out together


For the gardening dad

Does your dad have a great talent for keeping plants and flowers alive? Or even just mowing the lawn and watering the hanging baskets? His perfect present could be the gift of a Vegetable garden or perhaps the gift of trees. Both these gifts will provide fresh fruit and vegetables to help families have a healthy and balanced diet.

For the homemaker dad

Does your dad just make your house a home? Is he the best at hugs and terrible dad jokes? Dads make us feel safe and comfortable. Now you can help a dad protect his children from malaria with a Net that protects.

Or perhaps your dad can turn his hand to sorting out the plumbing at home. Then the gift of Water for a family would be perfect for him. This gift will help set up a water pump for a family to have safe and clean water. 

For the musical dad

Does your dad tell you over and over how great records were? Does he have enough CD’s to set up his own shop? Well then, you should get your dad ‘the Gift of play’ this Father’s Day. Music brings people together, and this gift will help fund musical instruments and classes to channel children’s talents and to keep them away from dangerous situations on the streets.

Martin and Lorenzo picking strawberries together

Martin and Lorenzo picking strawberries together. 

About our eCards
World Gifts provide eCards that you can send directly to your dad. This way you can be quick about your gift as well as being environmentally friendly.

You can show your dad how good a job of parenting he has done with you by showing how efficient, thoughtful and clever you are.

Plus, your support for CAFOD will go on to do great things for people in poverty. Well done you and thank you!

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