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The Health Clinic and Coronavirus

The Health clinic is one of our most popular gifts from the higher price-range. With schools, parishes and individuals raising money to fund the running costs of a health clinic. The real-life example we give you is of the Guarjila clinic in rural El Salvador. During the civil war, the community of Guarjila was cut off from the rest of the country. To receive essential healthcare, the villagers decided to set up their own clinic themselves. Over the years, CAFOD has been funding them to be able to provide specialist healthcare, including gynaecology, prenatal and paediatric care, nutrition advice and counselling. 

The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the stark inequality that people living in poverty face. Those without access to clean, safe water to drink and wash with, those reliant on daily income to afford food to eat who have to choose between isolating or working to buy food, and those too far from medical care, or unable to afford it. 

Marlene leads the community health team at the clinicMarlene leads the community health team at the clinic.

Now, more than ever, places like the Guarjila health clinic are essential lifelines. Without the clinic, those living in the remote area would have no access to healthcare and would have no-one to give correct information on tackling coronavirus and combat the misinformation which is being spread around. 

Dr Dagoberto updated us on how the clinic was dealing with the threat of coronavirus: 

  • Home visits where they explain to people about preventative measures and the importance of quarantine and isolation to keep the community safe 
  • Rapid consultation for any patient with respiratory problems 
  • Communicating that anyone with serious conditions should let the health team know straight away so they can help 
  • Holding talks on social distancing 
  • Awareness-raising on the importance of hygiene and dismissing fake-news on the subject 

Staff from the clinic are also providing support to containment centres elsewhere, where they are doing shifts to ensure the centres can remain open and caring for people in quarantine.

.The health team preparing to make home visitsThe health care team prepare to start making home visits to their local community

At the start of April there were no cases in the local area, for which the Guarjila clinic was very grateful. The situation, as we know, is constantly developing but the health team feel confident they are taking all the measures they can to prepare and keep people informed and feeling safe. 

For more insight into what the clinic is doing more generally, in particular helping pregnant mothers, click here. 

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