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The best of the World Gifts blogs

As we get closer to Christmas, everyone at CAFOD is talking about World Gifts! 

Here's a round up of our favourites: 

Give better gifts this Christmas


Read Jack's blog about how World Gifts make better Christmas presents for everyoneJack works for CAFOD. He has occasionally received Christmas gifts he didn’t like, but not from you, he loved yours. Here he mulls on how a simple switch to World Gifts can make Christmas is happier for everyone.

CAFOD World Gifts can solve your Christmas conundrum!


How can watching a Christmas TV ad inspire a World Gifts purchase?Jeremy Cain, Community Participation Coordinator for CAFOD in Hallam, wonders if he should be watching more TV.

The power of a birth certificate - a World Gifts update


Find out how a Birth certificate charity gift has the power to change a baby's lifeRachel reflects on how meeting Katy, a CAFOD Gapper, helped her to discover the power of a simple birth certificate, and inspired her to create a new, very special virtual gift that will help babies and children around the world. 






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