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Teach someone to read on World Book Day

It's World Book day this week and we'd like to share Melissa's story with you. She was taught to read thanks to one of our bestselling World Gifts.

Teach someone to read

Melissa's story

Change a life. Teach someone like Melissa to read Change a life, teach someone to read. Melissa lived on the streets of Mabanga in the Democratic Republic of the Congo where she had to beg to survive.   When we met her, she told us that she had to drop out of school as she   couldn't pay the fees.

 Melissa joined a CAFOD-funded school and learned to read and write. She has now completed primary and   secondary school and  has spoken on TV and radio to encourage girls to go to school, and to highlight the   challenge of educating homeless children.

Help teach another child to read this World Book Day

Making a difference

Your support for children like Melissa is working. In the last twenty years, the global youth literacy rate has increased from 83 per cent to 91 per cent. (Source: UNICEF)

Reading is a skill that stays with a child for life, so it's no wonder that Teach someone to read is one of our bestselling gifts! It's a great way to mark World Book Day and makes an inspiring gift for teachers at Easter.

Inspiring education gifts

As well as Teach someone to read, you can choose from a range of education gifts that will continue to make a difference - from our School starter pack of essentials, to a Solar lamp that lets children do their homework!

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