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Get loved up with World Gifts

Valentine's Day is a perfect excuse to show your significant other you care! For many this can mean roses or chocolates, but we also know lots of you like to go for something a bit more unusual. And what's more unusual than a World Gift? So here are our top recommendations for ways to say I love you with World Gifts: Get loved up with a llama! Who doesn't love a llama? Our Help a llama farmer gift allows you to use all the cute of the llama while also learning about how your gift can help llama farmers better care for their animals and make the most of them! The Goat that gives...hugs? Most animal lovers think goats are...

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Charity gifts chosen with love for Valentine's Day

If you’re a wedding guest this year, there’s a good chance that you’ll hear 1 Corinthians 13 – the famous letter from St Paul that tells us that while faith, hope and love endure, love is the greatest of these three.It’s certainly what we think of most at a wedding, when we celebrate the beginning of a marriage, but it’s also there when we mark a special anniversary, welcome a new baby or mark Valentine's Day.The pressure to select the perfect present for our spouse can be particularly intense at this time of year. Of course, we should do our best to demonstrate our love for our partner every day, but there is the temptation to try and buy that...

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