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Charity gifts for teachers

For most people, the school term has been a bit of an abstract concept considering how many kids haven't been able to go to school. We know that schools have adapted in different ways, but for many teachers, a closed school has meant even more work than normal! Whether you get to see your teacher in person to say thank you for all their work over the last few months, or if you just want to send a quick e-card to show you know how hard they've worked despite not being able to see them - World Gifts has some great options. Gifts for primary school teachers Teach someone to read is the obvious choice! It's £10, and is particularly suitable...

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How can we say thank you?

Every year we are astounded by the generosity of supporters in England and Wales. World Gifts is particularly busy around Christmas and we see small and large donations alike adding up to mean we can reach even more people in need around the World. In case you missed it, we wrote a blog listing the top gifts you bought over Christmas! This year we wanted to be able to say thank you for all that support. We can't reduce the price of poverty but we have reduced the price of our stocking fillers. Those little extra treats that show your loved ones you care.  All of the money raised still changes the lives of those living in poverty, so either...

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