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Looking for Christmas present ideas?

Take a look at our full range here! If you need a bit of extra gift inspiration, or you've just always wondered what exactly you have in common with an alternative charity gift... Take our quiz today! Which World Gift are you? Take our festive quiz to discover which virtual World Gift you are!   Once you've found your match, it only remains to drop heavy hints with your family about which awesome charity gift you want in your stocking this Christmas! The goat that gives A proper foodie, you must be The goat that gives!   You love indulging in Christmas treats and also making them for your friends and family. However you're not keen on trawling round the...

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Special extras

Our Special extras are handpicked gifts which raise income for CAFOD's unrestricted and general fund, meaning that we can use this money wherever it is needed most. In La Palma, El Salvador, 20 artisan painters and carpenters are supporting their families by selling handmade triptychs and crosses.Lázaro and his family are painters who hand finish the colourful ornaments which now decorate homes and churches across England and Wales.The sale of these triptychs and crosses through CAFOD provides a regular income for people in La Palma, including single mothers who depend on this work as a way of supporting their children. See all of our Special extras      

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How to send Christmas cards that help the world’s poorest people

How to send ethical Christmas cards this Advent and show your family and friends how much you care about charity and people living in poverty around the world. 1. Buy Charity Christmas cards World Gifts can be the ideal charity Christmas gift and card combined! Browse through our Christmas gift guides to find the perfect gift and you’ll receive a gorgeous gift card that describes your thoughtful gift and includes space to write your own Christmas message.Our World Gift range starts at just £4 and includes free delivery!Another way to support CAFOD's work helping the world's poorest people out of poverty, have a look at Traidcraft’s charity Christmas card selection. CAFOD receive a 10% donation from these beautiful cards which...

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