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New World Gifts for 2020!

It's time to make the new World Gifts for Christmas available! We've been particularly busy this year. If you've bought World Gifts before, you'll notice we've given ourselves a revamp. We hope you love it as much as we do. The designs are new but World Gifts works in just the same way - a great way to buy someone a gift while also donating to charity. What's new?  Keep clean kit £6 The pandemic has really emphasised the importance of good hand-hygiene, and we're generally all getting used to wearing masks to keep us all safe from infection. For some people living in poverty, access to soap and masks is limited, so people can't keep as clean as they like,...

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When are the new gifts arriving?

If you've bought a World Gift  at Christmas before, then you'll probably know that new gifts arrive each Autumn for you to choose from! We've been a little held up this year, but there are only a couple more weeks before the new gifts are released. What's more, we've worked really hard to bring you a totally new looking World Gifts that we're sure you'll love even more than the old one. It all works in the same way, with each gift contributing to a fund that helps people living in poverty. So if you're wondering where the Christmas card is, don't worry, you'll be able to start ordering soon. Just keep an eye out for the changes coming in mid-October. For now,...

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International Women's Day: Gifts with a girl-power focus

As we approach International Women's Day on 8 March, I want to highlight again the work we are doing to help women living in poverty. Much of our work helps women because they are the most vulnerable within communities. This year, we're highlighting the struggles of women living in poverty. As a girl, you are less likely to go to school and therefore learn a trade to earn an income. Culturally, women are more often expected to stay at home and look after the family rather than contribute to the household income. They often have less rights and are more at risk in times of change. At CAFOD, we work all over the world helping women and girls to learn...

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