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You've made an amazing difference!

Thank you to everyone who bought a World Gift this Christmas - you've made an enormous difference to families in poverty. With your help we can... Give over 2,000 Goats to farming families to give them milk and manure! Help 500 babies and children get a Birth certificate, meaning they can go to school. Spend over £75,000 getting clean, safe water to communities, preventing disease. Supply 505 Solar lamps to families - helping children to do their homework and breathe clean air Provide over 200 Pigs to families who want to start a farming business and lift themselves out of poverty. ... make an incredible difference to families in need around the world. Thank you. It's not too late to...

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Charity Gifts for health

World Gifts brought from our Health and Care Fund ensure that people in urgent need of medical attention receive the vital support and treatment they need. These gifts also support good hygiene practices and nutrition, protecting the health of vulnerable communities long term. In the western highlands of Guatemala, La Natividad Parish runs a mobile health clinic. A long recovery from civil war and annual droughts and food shortages contribute to the fact that as many as 60 per cent of children in this area have experienced chronic malnutrition. This clinic is just one of the mother-child health initiatives World Gifts supports to combat malnutrition. Santa Agripina’s youngest son, 14-month-old Jansel, had been so sick he’d nearly died, but was...

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World Gifts change lives

World Gifts are handpicked to make a real and lasting difference to families in developing communities and each charity gift bought means we can help more people in need.In Sindhupalchowk District, Nepal, the 2015 earthquake meant that 89 per cent of school classrooms being destroyed or made unsafe. As well as dealing with the devastation of their homes and the loss of family members, children like Nirjala risked losing the opportunity to go to school. But thanks to your support, CAFOD are helping to rebuild 34 schools. See our range of Education World Gifts Despite still living in a tiny, temporary hut, Nirjala feels positive about her future now that her school has been rebuilt and hopes to train as...

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