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Fall in love and show you care with World GIfts

Valentine's Day is a perfect excuse to show your significant other you care! Roses, chocolates, or a romantic candle-lit dinner for two? Or how about declaring your love in a more unusual way? This year, why not explore CAFOD’s World Gifts and celebrate your love with your significant other and our global family? Check out our top recommendations to say, ‘I love you!’ with World Gifts: Spread the news and pass on the love! When you’re in love, you just want to shout it from the rooftops! This year, why not celebrate your love by giving messages of hope with our ‘Spread the news’ World Gift? Loudspeakers in rural areas can provide vital information on health and world issues to...

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Get loved up with World Gifts

Valentine's Day is a perfect excuse to show your significant other you care! For many this can mean roses or chocolates, but we also know lots of you like to go for something a bit more unusual. And what's more unusual than a World Gift? So here are our top recommendations for ways to say I love you with World Gifts: Get loved up with a llama! Who doesn't love a llama? Our Help a llama farmer gift allows you to use all the cute of the llama while also learning about how your gift can help llama farmers better care for their animals and make the most of them! The Goat that gives...hugs? Most animal lovers think goats are...

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A-Z of fundraising ideas for World Gifts

This list of easy fundraising ideas includes our favourite ways to raise money for World Gifts and can be adapted to use at schools, parishes and work with teenagers, students, friends, family and colleagues! A Aerobics-athonOne for the New Year! Organise an aerobics-athon to kick-start that resolution to be healthy and feel good about supporting CAFOD. B Bring and buy saleSell World Gifts on a stall. Get in touch on 0303 303 3030 to order your World Gifts shop in a box. C Curry nightUse our Curry night toolkit to spice things up at this fundraising event! As a group you can set a target of one of our larger gifts to encourage everyone to get involved. D Dance challengeTime to put your best foot forward! Why not organise...

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