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The votes are in!

Earlier this month we asked you to help us decide on a new name for two of our World Gifts. Messages of hope and the Listening centre are both amazing gifts talking about really important parts of our work. Sadly, they haven't been very popular, even though they were only introduced last year. But thanks to you, the votes are in and we can introduce the new names for our gifts. From the end of September, when our other new gifts are released: Messages of hope will become Spread the news! The Listening centre will become Women's support centre! Look out for these changes alongside some new gifts for you to choose this Christmas. 

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The Health Clinic and Coronavirus

The Health clinic is one of our most popular gifts from the higher price-range. With schools, parishes and individuals raising money to fund the running costs of a health clinic. The real-life example we give you is of the Guarjila clinic in rural El Salvador. During the civil war, the community of Guarjila was cut off from the rest of the country. To receive essential healthcare, the villagers decided to set up their own clinic themselves. Over the years, CAFOD has been funding them to be able to provide specialist healthcare, including gynaecology, prenatal and paediatric care, nutrition advice and counselling.  The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the stark inequality that people living in poverty face. Those without access to clean, safe...

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