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Supporting women facing violence in South Sudan

The Listening centre World Gift focuses on our work in Olame in the DRC. The centre provides a safe space for women affected by sexual violence to seek medical and psycho-social help as well as receiving training so they can start to earn an income. These safe spaces are essential when local communities often shun those affected, something the centre is trying to change.  In South Sudan, Monica is a psycho-social support group leader. The work our local partners have done with Monica and her women’s group is really important. They’re helping to fight stereotypes of a woman’s role in society and allow them a safe space to voice any problems they might be having:  “Women now have a forum where they can discuss things that matter to them.”  Recently, Monica spoke at a court...

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Coronavirus awareness raising in South Sudan

“I thank God for giving me this opportunity to participate in this fight against COVID 19 pandemic through raising awareness via radio stations here in Juba”  Dr Thomas, South Sudan   Our Messages of hope World Gift focuses on information sharing via the use of a loudspeaker, but that’s not the only way that CAFOD helps our local experts to keep everyone informed. Local radio shows are a common way of sharing accurate information about critical situations such as staying safe from Covid-19 or Ebola. They allow a platform for local, trusted members of a community to voice the facts, dispel myths around a situation and help everyone to have an equal chance at survival.  In Juba, South Sudan, use of local radio shows to spread awareness on...

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