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The votes are in!

Earlier this month we asked you to help us decide on a new name for two of our World Gifts. Messages of hope and the Listening centre are both amazing gifts talking about really important parts of our work. Sadly, they haven't been very popular, even though they were only introduced last year. But thanks to you, the votes are in and we can introduce the new names for our gifts. From the end of September, when our other new gifts are released: Messages of hope will become Spread the news! The Listening centre will become Women's support centre! Look out for these changes alongside some new gifts for you to choose this Christmas. 

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Coronavirus awareness raising in South Sudan

“I thank God for giving me this opportunity to participate in this fight against COVID 19 pandemic through raising awareness via radio stations here in Juba”  Dr Thomas, South Sudan   Our Messages of hope World Gift focuses on information sharing via the use of a loudspeaker, but that’s not the only way that CAFOD helps our local experts to keep everyone informed. Local radio shows are a common way of sharing accurate information about critical situations such as staying safe from Covid-19 or Ebola. They allow a platform for local, trusted members of a community to voice the facts, dispel myths around a situation and help everyone to have an equal chance at survival.  In Juba, South Sudan, use of local radio shows to spread awareness on...

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New World Gifts for 2020!

It's time to make the new World Gifts for Christmas available! We've been particularly busy this year. If you've bought World Gifts before, you'll notice we've given ourselves a revamp. We hope you love it as much as we do. The designs are new but World Gifts works in just the same way - a great way to buy someone a gift while also donating to charity. What's new?  Keep clean kit £6 The pandemic has really emphasised the importance of good hand-hygiene, and we're generally all getting used to wearing masks to keep us all safe from infection. For some people living in poverty, access to soap and masks is limited, so people can't keep as clean as they like,...

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