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Showing you care in lockdown

In the UK we're still getting used to the idea of lockdown. In the last couple of weeks our lives have changed so much, and for many of us, it's taking some getting used to.

One of the things people are struggling with is not being able to celebrate things with their loved ones. Most people were unable to see their mum on Mother's Day and the longer this goes on the more celebrations we are missing.

One way of reaching out to our loved ones, while helping those living in poverty across the world, is to choose a World Gifts ecard. The card goes straight to their inbox and can be personalised with your own message so your loved ones know you haven't forgotten their special day. 

Easter, birthdays, anniversaries, achievements, remembering a loved one, or just reminding that person you care. A World Gifts ecard helps you to send a virtual hug and let them know you still care.

From just £4, and with a gift to suit everyone, a World Gift, can be a simple, but meaningful way help someone to feel loved in their isolation.

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