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Secret Santa Charity Gifts

Tis the season to spend your money on mystery gifts for your colleagues, family and friends! Yes, Secret Santa planning is filling workplaces and homes across the country.
World Gifts have some great options for unusual, ethical and fun Secret Santa presents, for any price range.

As well as physical presents we have lots of CAFOD’s World Gifts – each gift represents a donation to CAFOD’s work fighting poverty on behalf of your recipient and come with a Christmas card for your loved one.


£0- £5 Secret Santa Gifts

Fairtrade chocolate coins from DivineChocolate coins - £2.50

These are a Christmas classic for a reason. Delicious, creamy milk chocolate, which also happens to be Fairtrade – and will leave you cash to spend on more treats! Buy chocolate coins now




Colouring pencils - £3.00

Perfect for children and adults who love to colour. Pair with a colouring book or, for children, order a free CAFOD World Gifts Fun Sheet. Buy colouring pencils now


Happy Queen Bee - £4.00

If you drew the office busy bee, show your appreciation for their hard work with a Happy queen bee World Gift. This gift provides a family living in poverty with a queen to rule their hive – meaning that the hive grows and the little workers make more honey! Buy Happy queen bee now

Fairtrade cotton tote bag with World Gifts design

Cotton bag - £4.50

Perfect for ethical shoppers or anyone wanting to avoid the 5p bag charge! This Fairtrade cotton tote bag has a sweet World Gifts picture that reminds us of the joy of reading and friendship. Buy cotton tote bag now








£6 - £10 Secret Santa Gifts

Fruit Trees - £7.00

This Christmas decoration comes free with the Trees for life World GiftThis World Gift provides five fruit tree saplings so that a poor family can improve their diet and earn money. PLUS you’ll receive a lovely Christmas decoration with spruce seeds for you to plant. Buy fruit trees now



This wooden nativity scene is hand-painted in El Salvador

Nativity scene - £10.00

Colourful and cute, this is the perfect gift to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. Hand painted on wood by skilled artisans in El Salvador. Buy this nativity triptych now


£11 and over Secret Santa gifts

Emergency food - £20.00

Feed people facing the toughest situations with our Emergency food World Gift. Buy Emergency food now

Our School starter pack illustration features books and uniform

School starter pack £25.00

Everyone knows the importance of education – this World Gift provides children setting off to school with uniform, stationery and a school bag. Hugely important items that unfortunately many cannot afford. Buy a school starter pack now

Donkey - £49.00

If your secret Santa budget is towards the high end, or if you’re clubbing together for an animal-loving friend, this clever, helpful donkey makes a lovely present. Paying for a donkey and training in its care – this World Gift can help families living in poverty to transport water and goods. Buy a donkey now

Our cute donkey makes a great gift for animal lovers

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